What are SARMS?

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what are sarms Do you want to learn more about SARMS? What are SARMS? We’ve put together an article that goes into detail about these controversial supplements. Can they really help build muscle without the negative side effects of drugs such as anabolic steroids?

What Are SARMS?

SARMS, also known as Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators, are drugs designed to increase muscle mass without the side effects of anabolic steroids. They work by binding to androgen receptors in your muscles to trigger changes in the DNA and enhance the muscle growth factor. Steroids follow a similar process, however, SARMS are selective in which tissue they target.

Steroids can have negative side effects because they increase the growth of all tissue. This can lead to issues like the enlargement of organs, such as the heart. Steroids also have many negative side effects such as acne, hair loss, prostate problems, and increased estrogen activity that can cause gynecomastia.

SARMS are selective in the tissue that they target. Because of this, they don’t have many of the side effects that you would experience with anabolic steroids. SARMS will target muscle only and set off a chain reaction to drastically increase the growth factor of the muscles. Here is a link to some further research on SARMS.

Are SARMS Legal?

The use of SARMS has been steadily rising around the world. However, the legality of SARMS is questionable. Most SARMS are designed for research purposes only. Meaning you aren’t supposed to consume them. However, it appears that thousands of SARM users are ingesting these compounds and seeing drastic results with fewer side effects.

With the legality of SARMS in question, there may be further regulation put on the industry in the future. That means if you want to try SARMS you should probably do it as soon as possible. Who knows. In the next few years, SARMS may be regulated like steroids even though they pose much less risk. The FDA has expressed some interest in regulating the SARM industry in the United States.

Do SARMS Have Any Side Effects?

We’ve mentioned that SARMS are free from the negative side effects of steroids, but do SARMS have any side effects? Like most drugs, there are some reported side effects. Aside from the intended functionality of massive amounts of muscle growth and strength increases, there can be some downsides. Most of these side effects seem to be very mild and reported in very few cases. However, we wanted to mention them for honesty’s sake.

Some users appear to be seeking out support for conditions such as impotence, rashes, high blood pressure, and vision issues. The risk of these side effects appears to be pretty low, however, they are still there. You should be cautious and look out for these side effects. If you start to experience them you may want to stop your SARM cycle and seek medical help. Learn more about SARM side effects here.

Who Created SARMS?

Believe it or not, SARMs were created by accident when researchers were searching for treatment for prostate cancer. The first SARM show very little promise in treating prostate cancer. However, massive amounts of muscle growth were observed in users of the first SARM, which was called andarine. The doctors were actually looking for the opposite effect of what they received.

So andarine was basically useless in treating prostate cancer but super effective in growing muscle and increasing strength without steroid side effects.

Where Can I Buy SARMS?

SARMs are not mass-produced and you won’t find them at your local supplement store. There are several locations online to buy SARMS. However, due to the black market nature of SARMS you may not even get an effect SARM. Some of these sites are essentially selling “snake oil”. These are products marketed as SARMS that contain other ingredients or maybe no anabolic ingredients at all.

You also want to watch out for oral steroids being marketed as SARMS as you will see the negative side effects of steroids. It’s important to find a trusted source for your SARMS. You need a trusted source like proven peptides.

What Are the Different Types of Sarms?

There are many different types of SARMs that have been researched. All of these have muscle-building properties but some may work better than other for you. Here is a list of all of the SARMs available today: