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YK-11 sarm

Are you looking for YK-11 SARM? Look no further. We’ve put together a post explaining what YK-11 SARM is and how it can benefit you.

SARMS or selective androgen receptor modulators are drugs that are designed to increase muscle mass without the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. To learn more about SARMS see our post: What are SARMS?

What is YK-11 SARM?

YK-11 is not actually a SARM. It’s generally grouped into the SARM category but it acts as a myostatin inhibiter. Myostatin is the compound in muscles that inhibits the growth of muscles. There are some famous genetically modified cattle that lack the myostatin response and as you can see they have tremendous amounts of muscle growth.

By inhibiting the myostatin released by your body, YK-11 produces massive amounts of muscle growth and strength increases. It’s been shown to be more anabolic than some steroidal compounds but without the side effects associated with anabolic steroids. It was discovered in 2011 and has quickly been developing a reputation as one of the most powerful SARM type products on the market.

How Does YK-11 Work?

Like we mentioned above, YK-11 is a unique compound that is marketed as a SARM but is really a myostatin inhibitor. There is actually some controversy as to whether it is a SARM or not. For the purposes of this article, we will refer to it as a SARM.

YK-11 is a lot more potent and effective than some other SARMs such as Andarine. However, it may not be as potent as the most popular SARM RAD 140.

It’s non-steroidal, so it doesn’t have many of the negative side effects associated with anabolic steroids but it does have the anabolic, muscle-building properties. Inhibiting myostatin allows the muscle to grow more than they normally would.

Many SARMS like YK-11 were developed to treat conditions like muscle-wasting disease and osteoporosis. They tend to selectively target skeletal muscle tissues and avoid unwanted tissue growth such as organ tissue.

YK-11Dosage and Half-Life

Since YK-11 is a research drug there are not a lot of published articles about the dosage of the drug. Therefore, we have to rely on anecdotal evidence from bodybuilders and athletes that have experimented with themselves and reported their findings.

The general dosage of YK-11 would be 5-10mg per day. A cycle can last anywhere from 4-8 weeks. It’s often recommended to start out a lower dose until you determine if you will see negative side effects and then increase the dosage after a few weeks. It’s not recommended to exceed 10mg per day as it will greatly increase the risk of side effects.

The half-life of YK-11 is about 10-12 hours. Due to this, it’s generally recommended to take this drug once per day while on a cycle.

What are the Benefits of YK-11?

YK-11 has many benefits and fewer side effects than anabolic steroids. It was designed to help build muscle, and it is great at that. These benefits have been reported by athletes and bodybuilders:

  • Rapid increases in muscle growth and strength.
  • It can help boost your metabolism and increase fat burning.
  • YK-11 supports bone health and increases the strength of bones.
  • It has very few side effects compared to steroidal compounds.
  • Many positive reviews have been reported by users of this drug.

Is YK-11 Safe?

SARMS like YK-11 are still in the experimental and research phase of their development. Therefore, we mostly rely on anecdotal reports from users who experiment with the drug and from a few published papers. These drugs have not been tested on large numbers of patients. However, they have often been used by thousands of athletes safely. It is still recommended to use caution if you do decide to try YK-11.

You will build muscle and increase your strength in a very short period of time using YK-11. However, like other drugs, you need to weigh the risk versus the benefit of the compound. There are fewer side effects than hormonal drugs like anabolic steroids but that doesn’t mean YK-11 is without side effects.

You will want to start off with a lower dosage of the drug to determine your tolerance and watch for side effects. People taking higher than recommended doses of YK-11 are more at risk of side effects.

Most of the side effects of YK-11 appear to be reversible or go away when you stop using the drug. However, you should use SARMs at your own risk and be aware that they can cause serious side effects.

What are the Side Effects of YK-11?

YK-11 appears to have relatively few side effects compared to other drugs. The main side effect that you want to watch out for with oral compounds is liver toxicity. This is because the drug has to be processed by the liver to enter the bloodstream. It is recommended that you take a liver support supplement if you do decide to try YK-11 and run it for a short cycle of 4-8 weeks only.

Other side effects of YK-11 include hair loss, joint pain, increased aggression, and acne. These side effects are reported to go away after stopping the drug.

YK-11 can also cause mild testosterone suppression. This means that it may require Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) after usage to restart your natural hormone production.

Since these drugs are not extensively studies there may be other side effects that have not been reported.


The hormone shutdown associated with YK-11 appears to be mild compared to anabolic steroids and some other SARM compounds. You may be able to get away with a supplement for PCT. However, if the supplement doesn’t restart your natural hormone production then you may need a more traditional PCT drug such as Clomid. A common Clomid cycle is 2 weeks at 50mg per day and then 2 weeks at 25mg per day. Clomid has been used successfully by steroid users for decades. However, drugs like Clomid also have side effects that you may want to watch out for.

Is YK-11 Legal?

The legality of most SARMs is a grey area in the law. We’re not lawyers, but it appears that possessing YK-11 is legal in most countries today. This is due to a loophole that classifies SARMs as research chemicals. You can buy research chemicals for use in laboratory research and clinical trials. However, it may be illegal to consume these as a recreational drug.

Many SARMs similar to YK-11 are banned by organizations like the World Anti-Doping Agency. You should not use YK-11 if you compete in drug tested competition as similar compounds have resulted in bans.

YK-11 is not approved by organizations like the United States Food and Drug Administration. Due to this, we recommend practicing caution if you do decide to use this drug.

Some countries, like Australia, have classified SARMs in the same class as steroids which means that they are not legal.

Where to Buy YK-11

The popularity of SARMs like YK-11 has been skyrocketing due to the reported positive effects of the drug and the relatively few side effects that users experience. This popularity has made YK-11 a target of black market scammers. They sell products that are anabolic steroids disguised as SARMs or products that don’t contain any of the active ingredients.

It’s very important that you trust your source for YK-11. You will want to find a company that backs up its claims with a guarantee. You want a company that lab teats every batch and provides quick and discrete shipping.

That’s why we recommend ProvenPeptides for your SARM source. ProvenPeptides is one of the most reputable companies in the SARM space and they carry YK-11.

Alternatives to YK-11

YK-11 is a very strong and powerful muscle builder. It has fewer side effects than anabolic steroids but still has the muscle-building properties that you are looking for. However, we understand that you might not be ready to jump into using a drug that has limited research. Here are some testosterone boosting products that can give you some of the effects you want without the potential side effects of a drug.

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YK-11 has relatively few side effects compared to the benefits you will get from this drug. You will experience rapid muscle gain and increased strength in the 4-8 weeks that you cycle this product. There are a few side effects but they seem mild and will likely go away after you stop using this product. However, YK-11 can cause mild hormone suppression so you may want to use a PCT supplement to help recovery.

If you’re ready to take your performance to the next level with this powerful SARM buy YK-11 here.